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Does your team need to communicate competently and fluently in English with international partners? Do you need qualified employees who can speak the English language perfectly for work? We offer language courses for Business English that are perfectly tailored to your team -in person or online.

Face-to-face courses are currently only possible under high corona conditions (3G or even 2G). No problem, because we also offer all courses online as virtual live training with our experienced teachers. Due to the fact that nobody knows what the situation will be like during the next couple of months, our schools in Nuremberg and Ansbach can react flexibly to the corona situation at any time. If necessary, we can simply switch from face-to-face lessons to our virtual lessons or come to your company. For you, this means maximum flexibility.

Business English Firmensprachkurse

Take advantage of our special prices this year.

  • Does your company have multiple locations? With our online courses, all participants (even worldwide) can take part in the course at the same time. Participation is possible from anywhere with a stable internet reception.
  • Only requirement for a group is the same language level.
  • To find the right language level for your team, please fill out our placement test

What do I need for the online course?

  • A stable internet connection
  • Laptop, Computer or tablet with camera and microphone
  • We recommend using a headset so you can communicate better and easier with our teacher and the other students
  • We offer a free technical check before the course begins. This means you can be sure that everything will function well during the course.
Business English Firmensprachkurse

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This is important so that we can offer the right course for you. If you don’t know the language level, take our placement test. At the end you will automatically receive your language level by e-mail.


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Still not sure what type of course is right for your business? Get in touch and we will develop a training concept for your team.

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